1.  Wipe the emblems off with a lint free rag and rubbing alcohol.
2.  (Optional although highly recommended) Fill a small spray bottle with water and a drop of dish washing soap.  For our installations, we only use one drop of soap.  If you want to have more time to move the vinyl decal around, you may use more soap (around 3 drops should be enough.).
4.  Spray a large amount of soapy water on the emblems.
5.  For the front emblem, install the right side first.  Once this half is properly installed, it should go slightly past the center of the emblem.
6.  Now install the left half of the emblem overlay.  Once this half has been installed, it should stop directly in the middle of the Chevrolet emblem.
7.  Using your finger, you should be able to remove any bubbles and press out all water and soap still behind the overlays.
8.  The rear emblem should be a straight forward install.  Although not necessary, you may also choose to use soapy water to help remove any air bubbles.